Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cyber Crimes...Are You All Ok?

Yupp..the first real topic of cyber world had emerged yesterday...Really hope that you have grasped at least half of what we have discussed. Based on previous experience this topic would be a favourite topic in the exam..then.. please be attentive.. the book of "Jenayah Berkaitan Komputer: Perspektif Undang-undang Malaysia" would be of a help to all of you..I am glad that some of you did respond to this blog..hope to see more of you to join discussing in this venue.. Beddy and azri ..thanks for being amongst the first to be responsive to our blog..and Beddy...such a nice blog you have there..I dont see any problem for you and the group to have a good blog for your assignment. And thank you for being the first follower..Ok guys , see you soon...

Warmest Regards,
Dr Nazura Abdul Manap.


  1. hello dr! :D
    cant wait for ur next class nxt week.

  2. ur welcome and thank you for the compliment..

  3. glad,grateful n proud to be cyber law student!

  4. Hi Mischenta..this is really a nice name, but it does not ring a bell...this is the special character of cyber space, we communicate even without knowing who are we communcating with..sape ni? Just curious...

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  6. actually i dunno how to change the nickname...pastu terlupa pulak nak letak nama sebenar at the end of the comment...

    korek2 dah jumpe=)